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Pendants - Moonstone Pendant
Pendants - Moonstone Pendant
Pendants - Moonstone Pendant

Moonstone Pendant SKU: P0036

$260.00 $130.00

 Moonstone Pendant set in sterling silver. This tear drop cabochon is a grade A moonstone. This reflective, highly polished, ribbon like silver frame showcases the moonstone beautifully, open back.

The luminous effect as the stone is seen from different angles and when light reflects on it is magnificent. The design is called "crazy lace" as a ribbon look was formed with twisted highly polished silver to give it movement.

  • 92.5 Sterling Silver
  • Weight: 19.2 grams
  • Length: 2.25 inches
  • Width: 1.75 inches
  • SKU: P0036

The Romans believed that moonstone was the solidified rays of the moon and has been used for thousands of years in jewelry. Iridiscente is the effect of showing luminous colors that seem to change when seen from different angles.

Moonstone is a natural crystal mineral, it's believed that it harvests the energy of the moon, as the moon itself, moonstone is forever  encased with gleaming white, as clean energy that make it a protective gem.

Moonstone is a stone for new beginnings, for inner strength and growth, is a stabilizer of emotions and provides calmness, enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, and good fortune.