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Pendants - Crystal Amethyst Pendant.


Pendants - Ammolite Pendant


Ammolite is an opal-like organic gemstone found along the Rocky Mountains of North America. It is made of the fossilized shells of ammonites, which are composed primarily of aragonite, the same mineral contained in nacre, just as in a shell. In 1981, ammolite was given official gemstone status.

Ammolite is celebrated globally for its naturally captivating rainbow colors and layers of vibrant iridescence. Ammolite originates from prehistoric marine fossils that date back 71 million years. Feng Shui experts believe its colorful display awakens positive energy and stimulates creativity, energy, wisdom, intellect and wealth. Wearers and collectors call ammolites "gems of enlightenment."

Beautiful "Bolo Ties" in the style of the American Southwest. These Bolos look stunning on both men and women. High quality, handmade, sterling silver combined with genuine turquoise, spiny oyster, labradorite and other stones.

Bolo Ties

Bracelets - Larimar Bracelet


Eye catching bracelets of sterling silver using semi-precious stones of larimar, sea glass, beach glass, opals, pearls, labradorite, turquoise, spiny oyster, moonstone, gemstones, fossils, etc.
Bracelets - Larimar Bracelet


Handcrafted sterling silver jewelry in modern, contemporary and classic styles using 925 silver and often combined with semi-precious stones including labradorite, larimar, moonstone, coral, amethyst, amber, lapis lazuli, pearl, ivory, etc.
Cuffs - Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet SKU: C0011


Sterling silver cuff bracelets in many styles using various stones of turquoise, spiny oyster, sea glass, blue topaz, shells, labradorite, larimar, moonstone, lapis lazuli, etc.


Earrings made of sterling silver, handcrafted using many semi-precious stones of turquoise, sea glass, beach glass, labradorite, moonstone, larimar, amethyst, opal, fossil, amber, ivory, etc.
Earrings - Spiral Turquoise Earrings SKU: FS-27


Random sampling of items listed in "FLASH SALE" are items that have been offered on Facebook and Instagram at a discounted price, no other discounts or coupons apply.  

Rare sea glass, authentic sea glass jewelry, genuine turquoise, sterling silver, 92.5 silver, rainbow obsidian earrings, ammonite pendants, southwestern jewelry, amethyst bracelets, turquoise rings, labradorite pendants, labradorite necklace, amber pendants, amber jewelry, and more are offered at discounted prices.

Earrings - Fossilized Walrus Ivory Earrings

Fossil Ammonites, Ammolite, Walrus and Mammoth Ivory, Amber,

Handcrafted jewelry using: Fossil Ammonites, Ammolite, Walrus and Mammoth Ivory, Amber, Orthoceras, Septarian, etc. combined with silver to make pendants, earrings, rings and necklaces.
Earrings - Fossilized Mammoth Ivory  Earrings

Fossilized Walrus and Mammoth Ivory

Fossilized Ivory most often comes from walrus tusks or teeth and wooly mammoth tusks and molars that have been buried for thousands of years (3,000 to 10,000 years). The coloration of the Fossilized Ivory is dictated by the soil composition surrounding it. The process of fossilization creates beautiful tones and patterns of color within the Ivory.

   All of the Fossilized Ivory we use in our jewelry comes from Alaska, and many samples have been in the forensic labs of the Fish and Wildlife Department. 

Fresh Water Pearl

Fresh Water Pearl

larimar, beach glass, sea glass, hair tie, ponytail

Hair Ties

   This hair accessory is very popular. Ours are 100% sterling silver with some featuring sea glass, beach glass, turquoise, larimar, spiny oyster and other gemstones.  Styles range from modern contemporary to southwestern.